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Your face is a powerful portal into your bodies' expression and health. New scientific research shows that the striated muscles of the face also connect to the complex wiring of your bodies' nervous system. The vagus nerve which essentially bridges the connections between your brain and deeper visceral organs is also intrinsically wired through the connections of your face.


Living in the digital age presents new challenges to the face. We spend more and more time interacting with our digital devices which overtime effects the narrowing of facial connections coupled with the over-saturation of digital content. Facial muscles are tighter than they have ever been before adding to the stress of the digital age while increasing anxiety and disconnect.

Living in a world which has added a new variable of connection which is not natural to our human design requires us to upgrade our relationship to the body and face.


This 6 session course focuses on giving you the foundational self-care tools within the Haptic Body Method that are meant to allow you utilize your own facial structure as a central channel to processing the experiences of life without limiting your ability to keep up with the added stresses of living in our modern world. 


Each session will build a palate of "go to" practices that can be utilized at any time of the day to upgrade the experience of the entire body while also unlocking the potential within the body to evolve and grow.

Benefits Include

  • Aide in release of jaw tension

  • Activating authentic expression

  • Improving posture

  • Unlocking sexual energy

  • Balancing bone structure

  • Softening facial tissues to reveal natural radiance

  • Transmute emotional energy

  • More effectively managing stress

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