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Expand your expression

The Haptic Body system offers education to individuals and groups and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Courses include both private study that is personally curated based on a clients needs, and goals.

Haptic Body Retainer Model

The Haptic Body Retainer model focuses on designing a highly curated experience based on the individual needs of a client. Work will focus on releasing pathways of tensions within your body that inhibit your expression and confidence.  This process is incredible for people who are wanting to go much deeper than traditional talk therapy can offer. Whether you are experiencing tensions in your body due to past traumas, or you simply want to activate a much more embodied experience this model provides you with a safe and consistent container to develop yourself. 

Haptic Body 6 Week Face Course

The Haptic Body 6 Week Face Course explores all of the key access points within unlocking the face through a cumulative process. You'll learn powerful techniques to help unlock dormant energy within the face that will help you in processing experience, easing anxiety, and also expanding your expression. This course also includes take home materials including the "Haptic Body Facial Integration Kit", videos, and audio material for you to explore on your own. 

Haptic Body Hands on Support Package

Working as an entertainer comes with intense stressors. Each session will us on releasing the connections of the face and body that allow a performer to give their best performance. Whether you are an actor, a model, singer, or a public speaker you'll find personalized hands on or distance sessions incredibly vital for helping you to relax and prepare to be your absolute best. 

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  • Aide in release of jaw tension

  • Activating authentic expression

  • Improving posture

  • Unlocking sexual energy

  • Balancing bone structure

  • Softening facial tissues to reveal natural radiance

  • Transmute emotional energy

  • More effectively managing stress

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