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Haptic Body explores the power of subtle "grooming" to the nervous system through a system of activating connection points within the body using powerful self-care tools to release patterns of tension that help unlock expression. Each tool draws on both ancient wisdom and modern science to help cultivate the holistic support of the body. 

In our modern world time is short, and distractions are high which tend to limit our capacity to feel deeply into the fabric of our bodies. Haptic Body works with the power of touch to ignite physical integration through balancing forces within breath and expression which help to integrate experience while calming the body.

Many ancient systems understood the power within the body to help bridge balance. Haptic body helps to advance many of these systems through an increased awareness of how the central nervous system works within the details of alignment and embodiment.

Principles within Haptic Body we explore:

  • Touch as a way to expand nueral connections to support health and brain function.

  • Liberating the alignment as a way to access energy within the body.

  • Working with the power of dimensional force to trigger muscle activation.

  • Expanding expression as a key facet to unlocking radiance and health.

  • Conscious integration of emotional energy through the entire body.

  • Releasing patterns contraction within the body that effect alignment and well being.

About Megwyn White

Founder of Haptic Body, Megwyn White has spent over 20 years researching and exploring the dynamics of human emotions as they are mapped inside the body’s tissue.

She has studied various embodiment modalities including acting as a graduate from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she earned the Departmental Award. Postgraduate studies included certifications in Yoga, Pilates, Toaist Esoteric cultivation practices,  various forms of bodywork. She is grateful to the many mentors she's had especially her studies with Master teachers like Yamuna Zake, Rael Isacowitz, and she continues vocal training with Marcy Jellison which has helped her to integrate her understanding of the body through the lens of resonance and expression.

Through years of working one on one with clients, she discovered "patterns of contraction" in relation to the energy of voice within the body that could be unlocked through somatic tools and vocal expression.

She teaches courses and offers private study in her work through both virtual and live sessions which focus on curating embodied education to enhance transformation and liberate the human capacity for deep connection.


What people are saying

"Megwyn White is a gifted teacher, guide and innovator who is constantly coming up with new modes of understanding, exploring, and unleashing a person's full potential through embodied expression.  She has exceptional skill when it comes to decoding the intricate somatic knowledge pathways of the body. "


'Megwyn is a supremely gifted healer who's unparalleled knowledge of the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies allows her to catapult her clients into a new dimension of expression, self-recovery, and healing. This work has enabled me to ground deeply into myself, establishing a container to embody my individual truth and beauty. I have at last experienced the safety and acceptance which give me the freedom to evolve. I am an ardent fan and eternally grateful!" 


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